"There are four things in life I'm a fanatic about: Horses, Fitness, Food, and Love."  Erika Lynn Roberts

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

World Champion Horse Trainer

Erika was born and raised in the heart of the Colorado Rockies on her family's dude ranch, Wilderness Trails Ranch, near Durango.  Her first word was HORSE.  Erika worked in the horse industry as a trainer, a coach, a mentor, and a competitor for much of her life.  At 7 she won a National Championship, and in 2014, she claimed a World Championship.  "I am so grateful for everything I learned from training horses and horse people and from competition:  Strategic goal setting, building a foundation, intuitive communication, dedication, commitment, and creativity.  These skills are also crucially important in my fitness and coaching practice.."-Erika

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Fitness Champion

The Roberts were an active family.  "We rode, ran, mountain biked, competed in triathlons, skied and waterskied as a family.  I was a Jr. Olympian in ski racing and I competed in the US Extreme Skiing Championships after graduating from The Colorado College." explains Erika.  She was also an avid rock climber, whitewater kayaker, and raft guide.  She has worked as a professional ski instructor, ski racing coach, and taught horsemanship.  In 2012, she won the classic figure division at Ms. Fitness New Mexico.

"I'm a firm believer in strength training, and I've lived its benefits.  I am at my best in my mind and spirit when I'm peacefully striving with my body.  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, my enthusiasm, and my absolute belief in every person's possibility to realize their unique version of total fitness."-Erika

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Food, Love, and Fun

Nothing is better than a great meal, a sweeping view, and the company of inspired, loving, and passionate people.

Erika believes that eating healthy does not have to mean sacrificing.  A healthy, balanced peaceful relationship with eating is very personal and unique.  "For me, my relationship to eating and food is perpetually evolving.  I am committed to nurturing my body from a space of self-love.  I know that sounds pretty airy fairy, but it has a lot of meaning for me." Erika explains.

And love, well, love is what it makes it all worthwhile.  When we glow and grow from the inside out, we can't help but attract powerful, lasting, and authentic love.  Erika feels blessed to share her life with her amazing husband, Tim McClellan.