"My commitment: I change lives."  

When it comes to your well-being and your health, one size does NOT fit all!  Partner with Erika Lynn Roberts to get the plan, the strategies, the accountability, and the expertise you need to transform your body, build strength from the inside out, grow your confidence, and consciously create your life.  


No workout system is as effective as working with a personal trainer.  FIT (FUNctionallly Integrated Training) with Erika Roberts will challenge you to REV your metabolism, increase your lean body mass, and gain strength.  You will learn how to train, when to train, and what to train.  It's time to love the body you have while building the body you want!


Are you feeling lost, stuck, or overwhelmed?  Is the voice of your inner critic sabotaging your motivation?  Are you running on empty and spinning your wheels?  Do you have big goals and big dreams, but need collaboration and strategies?

It’s time to fill up your gas tank, stop procrastinating, and do something for YOU—you’re worth it!  


Ever wonder what you could learn from a horse?  Connection, leadership, focus, freedom, and results.

Experience yourself through the lens of the horse.  Join Erika Roberts for a dynamic and adventurous one day workshop blending IPEC’s Energy Leadership Model with the raw wisdom of the horse.