"Erika is a true inspiration.  She really walks the talk.  I've achieved more than I ever dreamed possible, and I've had fun doing it!" A. Harding

Working with Erika has changed my life. Since our sessions I have so much more confidence in both myself and my direction in life, and now I have the courage to go after what I really want. She gives you the support and insight you need when working towards your goals and really helps you to believe in yourself. Thanks to Erika, I have a whole new outlook and belief in myself that I haven’t had in a long time.
— E. McCarthy
If you’re looking to up the ante in your life, invest in yourself with this girl..... she’s the real deal. Her drive and inspiration will get you where you’re wanting to go. A tremendous coach and a great friend.”
— D. Penick
Let me be honest, I do not love working out, but training with Erika is awesome. She is very thoughtful in the workouts she puts together. They are challenging, every session is different and I have never seen my body change so quickly.
— Kim
After decades of sports activities and injuries my body began to fall apart. My sacroiliac joint and cervical spine were unstable, causing chronic shooting pains and migraines. I tried massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, spinal injections and osteopathy. Nothing helped, until I began working with Erika. After a thorough evaluation of my postural misalignments, she put together a daily training protocol. Erika is the first person I have worked with that has guided me towards sustained improvement. I feel better, have less pain, and am adding back the activities I had stopped for so many years. Erika is professional, insightful, skilled and attentive. I can not recommend her strongly enough! Erika, much gratitude and many thanks.
— Lissa
I can’t recommend Erika enough! The workouts are never routine. No matter what my mood when I start my workout, I leave the gym in a better head space. Even though my sessions are very challenging, she still makes it fun.
— K.K.
Erika is an incredible coach. She is extremely intuitive, an amazing listener & guides you to finding the answers for yourself. This way you live into what you are looking to create. I had so many breakthroughs & tremendous growth in all areas of my life working with Erika. She is loving, kind, nurturing & willing to go as deep as you are willing to go. If you get the opportunity to have Erika as your coach you will be beyond grateful. She is the best!
— Yvonne
Very knowledgeable and totally professional.
— P. Kohles
My quick description of Erika: Conceive, Believe, Achieve. She is a master of manifestation.
— TM
When I first started working out with Erika, I was pretty much “muscle free,” like I didn’t have any! She has really brought me along, and now I feel very comfortable in the gym. I feel stronger every single week!
— Kitty
She opened the doors to expanding my life, guiding my vision to manifest what I wanted to create in my life.
She is an AMAZING listener, helping me to tune into my own communication skills: Listening to the internal dialogue of the conversation and really understanding the deeper meaning of what we are wanting to share.
I am blessed to have her in my life.
— Cindy