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Experience yourself through the lens of the horse.  Join Erika Roberts for a fun and adventurous one day workshop blending IPEC’s Energy Leadership Model with the raw wisdom of the horse.

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Energy Leadership

Anyone who interacts with another person is a leader.  We all lead either by choice or default.  Additionally, we LEAD our own lives.

Discover the the 7 Levels of Energy and how to use them.  Energy Leadership is the key to unlock the door you may have never realized existed.  It was designed to give you the tools to live your most powerful, productive, and purposeful life.  At it's heart is the key of self-awareness:  Understanding why you see yourself, your family, your clients, your coworkers and the world as you do.

From this awareness, you have CHOICE.  You can choose from seven perspectives (Energy Levels) how you want to see yourself, others, or any situation or challenge.  This is true freedom.

Energy Leadership Index 

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) is a powerful tool for self-development and growth.  Ever wonder why some people see possibility where others see roadblocks?

We all experience the world and our lives through our own unique set of lenses:  Sometimes rosy, sometimes dark, sometimes bright, sometimes murky, sometimes clear.

After completing a 20 minute on-line assessment, you will receive your comprehensive results via email.  Your ELI assessment outlines your own unique mindset under normal circumstances and under stress.  From this baseline of understanding, you have the opportunity to change your identity, your beliefs, and most importantly, your actions to lead the life you want.



Why Horses?

Horses don’t lie.  Horses act as a mirror to the human, reflecting the honest unfiltered truth about who you are (your identity) and how you are “showing up” (your attitude, your presence, your communication, your mindset).

Horses turn up the volume.  The cornerstone of personal development is self-awareness.  Awareness is a like a light, illuminating all of who you are, all of your greatness, all of your stories, all of your fears, ALL of you.  Interacting with horses turns the light to full power, giving your consciousness the ultimate opportunity to grow.

Horses live in the NOW.  Horses relay instant feedback.  What happens when your fear shifts to curiosity?  What’s different when you shift between passive, assertive, and aggressive mindsets?  Learn you are capable of shifting your energy instantaneously, and with that change, you immediately cause a different action or reaction.

Integrity matters.  How consistent is your message and your requests?  How clear are your expectations?  Horses express clear frustration when expectations or direction are inconsistent.  Horses thrive with clear boundaries.  

Energy is more important than words.  Ever have the experience of having someone say one thing, but obviously mean something else entirely?  Horses don’t speak, they communicate with clear energetic intent expressed through body language.  Similarly, they only respond when a request is aligned energetically with the action.

Deep connection is a universal desire.  The horse human bond has developed over the course of thousands of years.  Experience “true unity” as you physically, emotionally, and spiritually align with yourself and your horse. 

Time and consistency get you where you’re going.  Break big dreams into tangible goals.  Break goals into steps.  Focus your time and energy on each step.

Momentum trumps direction.  Horses are like boats, you can steer them all you want, but without impulsion, you will go nowhere but in circles.  Get moving first, when you need to change course, simply adjust your reins.




One-on-one horsemanship sessions

Energy Leadership Assessment 

Group Debrief: 7 Levels of Energy and the Horse:  Connection, Direction, and Developmental Possibilities 

Picnic Lunch


For the curious, the courageous, the dedicated, the uncertain, the student and the master. 

Limited to 4 participants per day.


IPEC Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Energy Leadership Development System Coach
The Law of Being Coach
International Coaches Federation ACC Certified